1. 4 Options For Hanging Holiday Lights On Your Metal Roof

    Prepare to win this year’s decoration contest — safely and damage-free! Halloween is over, so it’s a race to unpack your holiday decorations and start stringing lights — despite what your neighbors think! It’s a festive time where you get to bring your creations to life, and, if all goes well, you’ll avoid pulling a Clark Griswald stunt (hello, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) …Read More

  2. Smart Questions You Should Ask Your Local Roofers (Part Two)

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  3. Smart Questions You Should Ask Your Local Roofers

    Making the decision of installing a new roof involves both a time and energy investment on your part — know what questions to ask to get the best service. Pulling the trigger on a new roof can cause some anxieties, because largely, how well do you really know the people who are going to be installing it? When arranging a new roof, you want to ensure you are not getting ripped off or are left wit…Read More