1. Choose Your Own Adventure: Metal Roofs in Naperville

    Because based on your region, your roofing type may be quite the adventure! Your roof is one of the most vital structures of your home, and we’d argue (we're a bit impartial) it’s the most important! Your roof protects you from the elements, keeps your belongings safe, and secures your family. Keeping this in mind, homeowners can be led astray in their choice of roof, which can spell disaster …Read More

  2. Will Your Metal Roof Be Singing In The Rain?

    With summer rainstorms approaching, many Plainfield homeowners are left wondering, how noisy are metal roofs?   Metal roofing is revitalizing the roofing industry — going from a plain material option to expanding into aesthetics that rival clay, wood, and tile. Not-to-mention, all the wondrous benefits such as energy savings, durability, and longevity that metal roofs usher. Metal roofs are Pla…Read More

  3. Beyond The Tin Roof: Reinventing The Metal Roof

    Metal roofs come with a host of misconceptions, namely their aesthetics, and metal roofing companies are innovating and reinventing the metal roof to something unimaginable!   When homeowners think of metal roofing, typically what comes to mind are the backwoods hillbillies with a tin roof that constantly leaks and echos loud pings every time it rains, old barns that house farm equipment or anima…Read More

  4. How To Choose The Color Aesthetics of Your Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are the functional choice for Plainfield residents, but they also have to look good!   You have opted for a metal roof — you’ve made a wise step towards your roofing investment, after all, Plainfield in known for mostly pleasant but sometimes extreme weather patterns. Once you’ve selected the type of metal roof you want, you are left with the final roofing decision — the color…Read More

  5. The Importance of Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor For a Metal Roof Installation

    Metal roofs are an amazing investment and they are one of the leading ways to protect your Plainfield home from the extreme weather we can experience. Selecting the material of your new roof can be an arduous and long process, after all, you want something with longevity, but you also want a roof that fits within your budget. A metal roof in Plainfield is the gold standard — yes, the initial inv…Read More

  6. How Climate Change is Affecting Your Wheaton Home

    A durable home with a roof that can withstand the effects of climate change is becoming more and more prevalent. The midwest is an area with roughly 61 million people which harbors about 20 percent of the national total. Its gross domestic product (GDP) is about 2.6 trillion as it’s home to vast agricultural land, lakes, and forests. Because it is becoming increasingly more populated it affects …Read More

  7. What Kind of Roof Will You Get?

    Sure, roofing isn’t a home repair as exciting or aesthetically pleasing as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, but it is a crucial one. Your roof stands between you and the outdoor elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sun and is the first line of defense against them. Roofing keeps you safe and secure and your home protected from damage that can compromise its structural integrity. How’s your …Read More