Is a new metal roof installation on course for your next home improvement project?

When done properly and by roofing experts in the greater Chicago area, metal roofs can make your home more energy-efficient, protected, and a valuable investment. 

And then there are the new metal roofs that are installed hastily. There are horror stories of metal roofing projects that took much longer than anticipated, unexpected costs at the end, and cheap workmanship that left the roof — and home — in disarray.  

At Advantex Restoration, we know that in the roofing industry, unfortunately this happens. Sadly, the Better Business Bureau states that the top 1% of the most complained industry are home improvement contractors. 

But not Advantex Restoration!

Our metal roofing company has made it a point to defy these statistics and always provide high-quality workmanship that we stand behind! We’ve always had a great working relationship with our clients which our metal roofing business is built upon. 

There is an issue that is a pattern in the roofing business. There are many good roofing contractors in Chicago, yet some consumers will turn to less-than-reputable companies because they were quoted less — we all want to save a buck but not at a greater cost of sacrificing your home’s safety and protection. 

It’s painful to watch and hear stories of clients that turn to us, only to learn how other companies didn’t have their best interest at heart. 

Metal roofs are the heartbeat of your home, and we’ve got your back!

You are warranted a great metal roof with a great value for your money and an honest roofing contractor who stands behind their work and uses innovative and durable products and materials — it makes a difference.  

When the metal roofing industry wasn’t rigorous enough… 

A new metal roof is an investment and we understand this, so we wanted to create a way to educate our customers about our processes while answering some of our most frequently asked questions and providing additional guidance when it comes to choosing an honest and trustworthy metal roofing contractor in the Chicago area. 

Just about anyone can pick up tools and roofing products, jump in their pickup and claim to be the best in the roofing industry, which is why the metal roofing standards to us, just aren’t rigorous enough. 

Before you hire just any home improvement contractor for your metal roof installation, ensure you comb through this guide and verify that your metal roof experts comply with all of the standards listed, and, chances are if they do, you’ll have a beautiful metal roof!

Metal Roof FAQ

When it comes to metal roof installation there are many questions you may have, so let’s explore some of the most frequent ones we receive. 

When does the metal roofing installation begin? 

The installation of your new metal roof from Advantex Restoration should be available at the bottom of your agreement but do keep in mind that due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, delayed previous jobs, and materials, this can affect the start date where things may begin sooner or later than planned. 

We pride ourselves on our communication so if there is an unexpected delay, you will receive proper notice. Please know that we make every effort to stick to our roofing schedule! 

How long does a metal roof installation take?

A new metal roof install typically takes anywhere between three to five working days. Should it take longer, again, we’re here to keep you in the loop about your new metal roof and will communicate the new end date.

When do I pay for my new metal roof?

We will always communicate this process with you in person and in your agreement. Generally, a 50% deposit on your new Advantex Restoration metal roof will be collected at the time you schedule and place your order. This can be collected from you, your homeowner’s insurance, or a home improvement loan. 

Learn more about this process and connect with us! 

Is there financing available?

We do offer new roof financing with short-term options, deferred interest, or no interest options. These metal roof financing plans feature the following:

  • Up to $100,000 loan amounts
  • No equity requirements
  • Secure, fast, and paperless processes
  • No proof of income under $20,000

There is always an option for you — learn more and begin the financing process today!

What does the pre-construction process look like?

We’ll come out and do a pre-inspection and take a look at the current condition of your roof.  Should there be any issues, we’ll address them with you. There can be additional fees for any wood that needs to be torn down and reconstructed, but we’ll get with you and talk about your options and amend the contract.  

In over three decades of roofing services, we’ve found it’s been very rare to have to address any rotten wood outside of our regular roofing services. 

What if I have questions about the metal roof — who do I contact?

At Advantex Restoration, we are all about communication — more is always better! If you have any questions during your new metal roof installation, you can always get ahold of us at 630-286-6965, stop by our office, or contact us here! We’re available for clarification on any questions you may have or to check up on the status of your metal roof project — you can check in with your roofing expert or connect with Jim, Jeff, Don, or Scott. 

Should I make arrangements to be home for the new metal roof installation? 

It is not required that you’re home while we’re installing your new roof, however, you are more than welcome to be! There are some cases in which we will need access to your home — if you have any skylights, we’ll need to have someone there to gain entry. 

What does a typical metal roofing project look like? 

Every metal roofing project is slightly different, but our aim is to make this experience convenient, effortless, and as clean as possible for you. In all transparency, it’s important to let you know to expect the following:

  • Loud noises
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Vibrations
  • Construction equipment
  • Interim messy grounds with debris
  • Metal roofing materials
  • Active job site

At the end of each day, we are diligent in cleaning the roofing site, leaving your space free for you to enjoy.

What happens to the roofing project if it rains? 

There is really not much to worry about in our roofing processes, should it rain. There are times when it will delay the roofing project, but it’s almost never an issue. If there is heavy rain or inclement weather when we’re not on the grounds, you can always give us a call or ask about our after-hours emergency contact line. 

Is a chimney repair included in my metal roofing services?

If you have a defective or faulty chimney, it’s important you get that addressed before we begin the metal roof install, so no, a chimney repair is not included in our roofing services. 

Because we do more than just metal roofs at Advantex Restoration and offer comprehensive home improvement services, we can talk about chimney repair at the same time as your new roof consultation. 

Why should I choose you over all of the other metal roofing contractors in the Chicago area?

We’ll address all of this below, but when it comes to a metal roof in the Chicago area, you can’t go wrong — it’s the premier choice. 

Metal roofs are timeless and an essential investment in protecting your home, they provide unique and prominent features such as:

Longevity – Metal roofs provide the leading longevity compared to other roofing systems such as shingles, lasting anywhere from 40 to 70 years! 

Eco-friendly – Metal roofs are eco-friendly and great for those who embrace green living as a way of life. Not only do they make your home more energy-efficient to help you save on your monthly utilities, but they are also 100% recyclable. 

Cost-effective – Metal roofs, while initially more expensive upfront, are actually a wiser, more cost-effective option long term. Because they boast a longer lifespan, you won’t have to spend additional money replacing your roof — once a metal roof is installed, it’s likely you won’t ever need a new one!

Learn all about why a metal roof is the only choice for the Chicago area residents by checking out a couple of our posts including:

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How To Choose The Color Aesthetics of Your Metal Roof

Now that we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions, let’s dive straight into what to look for in an esteemed metal roofing company. 

A metal roofing company that is established.

While there are many great, albeit young, metal roofing companies that will provide you with an outstanding roof, there is a lot to say about experience — especially in the metal roofing industry. 

Metal roofs are different from the typical shingle roof projects — they require a good amount of skill and attention to detail to get a high-quality and long-lasting roof, so going with any roofing company isn’t always the best idea. Instead, look for a metal roofing company that is established and has been around.

It’s important that the metal roofing contractor you’re investing with has proven themselves in the past. Don’t just ask about the roofing company, ask for proof! 

Get reviews –  Any great roofing company will have glowing reviews from past clients. At Advantex Restoration, not only do we have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, but we are well-reviewed on Top Rated Local®. Read all about what our clients are saying. 

Look for awards and credentials – Roofing companies that have awards and credentials are well-respected by their community. At Advantex Restoration, we have a whole page dedicated to our awards and credentials. 

A visual gallery – One way to really get an idea of the work a roofing contractor is doing is straight from completed projects. You can’t hide behind your work and at Advantex Restoration, we proudly display our finished roofs. Check out our roofing gallery. 

A metal roofing company that is professional.

Professionalism goes a long way these days, and it is critical to partner with a metal roofing company that can provide this. A great roofing contractor won’t just have expert workmanship, they’ll be able to communicate effectively, show you and your property respect, and pay attention to the fine details of the roofing project.

Important things to look for include:

No pressure sales – No one likes to feel pressured to sign a contract or feel like they’re being sold only so the company can make more money. If you don’t feel good about the metal roofing agreement, or feel pressured, take a day or walk away. At Advantex Restoration, we will never have any gimmicks or high-pressure sales — what you see is what you get! 

Respect for your property – Any professional metal roofing company will make it a point to respect your property. But, what does this entail? It means that they’ll do a proper job-site clean up when their day is finished and bring all the necessary equipment to complete the job.

A metal roofing company that provides stunning workmanship – While you may not ooh and awe over roofs, a metal roof that is done well is a marvel to look at — the aesthetics are beautiful and the protection is unmatched! When you work with us, expect to receive expert and skilled craftsmanship on your new metal roof installation. Details are in our design and we leave no stone unturned until your new metal roof is perfect! We’re here to guarantee a safe and beautiful roof that boasts premier craftsmanship!

When hiring a company to do any type of home improvement work, including metal roofs, remember you drive the entire project because it’s your money and your home.  

Ensure you understand everything about your new metal roof before the work begins. Ask any clarifying questions and get everything in writing. 

In the roofing industry, there are some shady companies, so it’s important to always look for a few key factors before investing. 

If you feel more confident from our frequently asked questions and a short guide on what to look for in a metal roofing company, embark on a metal roof journey that is long-lasting and saves you money in the long run.

At Advantex Restoration, we’re committed to providing you with a metal roof that you’ll love. For more information on our roofing company or to schedule a consultation, connect with us today!