Forget a mediocre metal roof for your Oswego home and embrace a metal roof that lasts!

Metal roofs have undergone an evolution — from the early days of the typical green metal roof that stuck out anywhere except in the wooded areas of the midwest to today where you can invest in a metal roof for your Oswego residence that hides in plain sight and blends in with other roofing materials!

Advantex Restoration in Oswego can fuse the benefits of a metal roof with stunning aesthetics that match your home’s architectural style and the HOA rules. Learn more about how to choose a high-quality metal roof in today’s post.

Navigating Metal Roofs In Oswego

Homeowners choose metal roofs because of their sustainability, energy-efficiency, durability, and longevity, but like any industry, some metal roofs are just sub-standard. Unfortunately, people are investing in a metal roof that only leads to failure down the road.

Don’t fall into the trap of a lemon in metal roofing!

Why are we seeing a surge of low-quality metal roofs? The mass production, and oftentimes dangerous production of metal roofs, are being imported from other countries at an alarming rate. These products are low-grade and their integrity is compromised.

Advantex Restoration is suspect of these metal roofs that come without warranties, no product testing, or codes to ensure their safety and longevity. So, how do you vet a high-quality metal roof for your Oswego home?

The great news is that Advantex Restoration does this for you if you work with our roofing contractors. With metal roofing companies such as Kassel & Irons and Classic Metal Roofing Systems, you always get a product that is the best in the industry and is produced to meet the highest standards.

Gauging The Quality Of Metal Roofs

As a consumer, how do you know the metal roof you’re choosing is high quality? Metal roofs are an initial investment that safeguards your home, saves energy, and adds stunning curb appeal, so it’s vital to be informed and educated so you can make a good purchasing decision.

How To Select A High-Quality Metal Roof

Research The Manufacturer

The metal roof manufacturer plays a large role in the quality of your metal roof. Connect with your local roofing contractor and ask about what products and companies they carry and then follow up with some research.

Important factors to look for is how long the metal roof manufacturer has been in business and that they’re operating on the national and international level. It may also be of benefit to choose a manufacturer that strictly produces residential metal roofs, rather than a company who dabbles on the residential side.


A metal roof should always come with a variety of warranties including a product warranty and a workmanship warranty from the metal roofing company you work with. Ensure you have both when you’re reviewing and signing your contract.

If you’re unsure of what the warranty covers it’s a good idea to ask clarifying questions such as:

  • What does this warranty cover? Ask them to be specific.
  • Does the warranty cover hail and wind damage? These are two of the most common types of damage to roofing.
  • Is the warranty prorated?
  • Can the roofing warranty be transferred to another homeowner if we sell?

Type Of Metal Used

Not all types of metal offer the same durability and longevity so it’s integral to understand what type of metal is being used in the metal roof you choose. You may encounter the following types of metal when researching metal roofs including:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel with a zinc coating
  • Galvanized steel with an aluminum coating

Each type of metal roof implements a different kind of metal for different purposes and design aspects, so consider the weather elements of the typical Oswego seasons and choose accordingly. Many homeowners in this area choose a high wind- and hail-resistant metal roof.

The Style And Design Of Your Metal Roof

It’s important to not only choose a quality metal roof, but one that also looks appealing. There are a variety of metal roof designs available such as a vertical seam panel or a product that resembles shake, shingles, tile, or slate. Consider these product designs when choosing a good metal roof option.
Fastening – Where are the fasteners located? Exposed fasteners may need ongoing maintenance and even a replacement over time.

Interlocking panels – Metal roofs come with one of the two options, interlocking or overlapping panels. Interlocking panels are better for weather and wind protection, whereas overlapping panels may lift over time threatening the integrity of the roof’s performance.

Quality Metal Roofs From Advantex Restoration

It’s important to research your metal roof and explore their warranties, the type of metal they’re made from, and even their design — this all matters in their performance and integrity. Get the leading metal roof for your Oswego home with Advantex Restoration, and keep your eyes peeled for part two very soon.

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