New metal roof? Get the best tips for outdoor holiday lights and decorations from Advantex Restoration!

It’s that time of year again when families are scurrying to make everything merry and bright for the holidays Whether you love to adorn your home in soft white twinkle lights or like to go bold with a colorful display and large snowman inflatable, nothing ushers in the season more than outdoor holiday decorations.

Decorating your new metal roof doesn’t have to be difficult! Keep it protected and learn how to safely decorate your metal roof to celebrate the holidays and learn the best tips from Advantex Restoration in today’s post!

Holiday Metal Roof Decorating

Oswego homeowners choose metal roofs time and time again because of their benefits — they’re eco-conscious and energy-efficient, long-lasting, and extremely durable for the extreme weather Oswego can experience. But, lo and behold, there’s one more benefit to a metal roof — they’re pretty easy to decorate!

Tips for Decorating Your Oswego Metal Roof

If you’re new to metal roofing and have only dealt with asphalt shingles in the past, the good news is that decorating your metal roof is essentially the same, but possibly easier!

Begin With A Clean Roof and Gutters

The first step in your holiday outdoor installment is making sure your metal roof and gutters are clean. No, you don’t have to power wash your roof, but ensure that both it and the gutters are clear of debris. Dry leaves and other debris could become a fire hazard.

Check Your Lights

Make sure the lights you use, or have been using, are specifically made for outdoor use. Oswego experiences the cold and snow that winter brings, so if you’re using anything but outdoor lights, they’re likely not going to last.

Watch The Voltage

With LED and smaller twinkle lights, you generally won’t have an issue with their bulbs overheating, but larger bulbs — 7-volt or higher — become hot and can become a fire hazard.

Use Magnets

While many homeowners like to nail or staple holiday lights to roofing, this simply does not work with metal and we don’t recommend these methods even if you have asphalt shingles. Magnetic clips work beautifully on metal roofs, and you can place them virtually everywhere. From the edges of your roof, to a full roof of rows and rows of lights.

Butyl Tape

If you’re looking for more support for your magnetic clips or want to secure other holiday decorations to your roof, butyl tape is an excellent solution. This tape is a rubber, synthetic pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it quick to stick and adhere to your metal roof. It’ll help your decorations survive a wintery holiday season with moisture and snow.

If you don’t want to get that serious, you can always try your luck with packing tape or electrical tape.

Get Fancy

If you don’t already have a box of holiday lights in your garage, consider upping your decorating game and choosing LED lights this year. Not only do they fit with the eco-conscious bill like your metal roof and save energy, but your utility bills will be lower as well.

To level up your situation even more and make your home extra fancy, invest in a programmable timer that shuts off your display after you go to sleep.

Happy Holidays From Advantex Restoration

You have your new metal roof and the best tips for decorating your Oswego home, so get to it! Create a beautiful outdoor display, without damaging your roof! Have a safe and relaxing holiday season!

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