If you are in need of a new roof, there are so many different roofing options paired with a broad range of roofing contractors, where do you even begin to decide who and what to go with? Traditional shingles are the most common type of roofs, and as we debunk the myths about metal roofing, perhaps metal roofing will become just as beloved!

At Advantex Restoration, we are your local roofing contractors in the Chicago area. We come with time and experience on our side, in addition to highly trained technicians who make our workmanship the best in our industry! Learn more about the assets of having a metal roof and why you should consider one in your next upgrade!

Why Having a Metal Roof is an Asset (And Not a Money Trap)

Roofs are one of those repairs or upgrades that are great for your home’s resale value, but aren’t as fun as a kitchen or bath remodel! Below are just a couple of examples of why metal roofs are a great alternative to traditional shingle roofs.

Metal roofs boast longevity.

Making the switch to a metal roof may buy you time! Compared to traditional shingle roofs, metal roofs have a prolonged lifespan, which is why many homeowners opt for a metal roof. In a roofing study, it was found that 26 percent of homeowners want a roof with longevity, while another 22 percent looked for strength. A metal roof, when installed by professional roofing contractors, can have a lifespan of 40 to 70 years, with a manufacturer’s warranty for even more peace of mind! Metal roofs are also highly durable and can withstand all that mother nature has to throw at your Chicago home — combat nasty winds with a metal roof.

Metal roofs are eco-conscious.

It seems like everything is eco-friendly these days, and it can be an overused term. But a metal roof is different. Not only are traditional roofs comprised of petroleum products, which heavily depend on non-renewable fossil fuels, they also have to be replaced more frequently compared to metal roofs.

Metal roofs are eco-conscious because they use recycled materials, and they themselves are 100 percent recyclable. They are also advantageous for other eco-friendly measures, such as providing a great platform for solar panels and gathering rainwater. A metal roof can be easily installed over your existing roof to save on waste.

Metal roofs save energy.

Metal roofs are known for being more expensive, but a way to recoup that money is in the monthly savings you will see on your heating and cooling bills. Metal roofs have a reflective property that effectively keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

Metal roofs save you money.

Combined with a metal roof’s energy efficiency and longevity, over time, it will save you a good deal of money. The initial investment is higher than the average roof, but because you’re using a higher quality material, your roof will last longer with fewer repairs, all while reducing your utility bills. The bottom line, you save money and can reinvest it into a bath or kitchen remodel!

Metal roofs last longer, are eco-conscious, and save you energy and money, so what are you waiting for?

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