Myths About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are an excellent choice, even in the Chicago area that sees its fair share of thunder and lightning storms! When it comes to local roofing, there are so many roofing material options as there are roofing contractors, and choosing metal roofing is just one of the many! If you are curious about metal roofing but have heard the myths, discover what a great option they are!

Metal roofing is just one of the types of roofing we install at Advantex Restoration to keep your home safe and protected from mother nature. If you are looking for a roof that can withstand the harsh climates of the Chicago area, helps conserve energy, and improves your property value, a metal roof may be just what you have been searching for! Join us in today’s post as we debunk the most common myths of metal roofs!

The Myths of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing has evolved and become much more innovative over time in the industry, and today’s metal roofs far much better in quality than those of decades past. Get to know the common myths of metal roofing and debunk them with us below.

Myth #1: Metal roofs attract lightning.

People steer clear of anything that may cause imminent danger to their home and family, and unfortunately, metal roofing has received a bad rap for this. It logically makes sense, but it is a myth of metal roofs. Metal does conduct electricity, however, electricity is not drawn to it. Because metal roofs are non-combustible, it makes it a completely safe option and ever more so than any other type of roofing material.

Myth #2: Metal roofs are incredibly noisy.

Chicago gets a good amount of rain, so it is concerning to here each ping, ping, ping of rain or hail hitting your roof, thus making a racket in your home. The truth of the matter is, metal roofs can actually be your most quiet option. They’re often installed over your existing roof with additional insulation in your attic space (if applicable). So, you won’t hear every raindrop, and you may not even know it is raining out because it is so quiet!

Myth #3: If it ever hails, your roof is ruined.

Hail can damage any kind of roof, and while large hail can indeed dent metal roofs, normal-sized hail will not. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of hail damage, textured metal roofs fare better and are less visible.

Myth #4: You can’t get on a metal roof.

There is a misconception that you can’t get on top of your roof to walk about it or clean the gutters without damaging it. Metal roofs are prone to damage, but if you know how to properly do it without causing harm, it is more than doable. Always check with your local roofing contractors or refer to the manufacturers’ information guide.

Myth #5: A metal roof causes extreme weather shifts in your home.

Because metal is a good conductor of temperature, whether it be hot or cold, people are lead to believe that it will increase their home’s temperature in the summer and make it extremely cold in the winter. Because your metal roof is vented and has a layer of insulation underneath it, there will be no effect of temperature on your home in the summer or winter seasons.

Myth #5: A metal roof is too expensive.

A metal roof will often be overlooked because of the cost — yes, a metal roof is more of an investment than traditional shingles, but it pays itself off in longevity. Metal roofs last much longer than traditional roofs and there is less of a repair and upkeep with them.

As a Chicago homeowner, you deserve to know the truth to metal roofs and why they are indeed a great option for your home. Metal roofs do not attract lightning, they are not noisy, they do not damage any more easily than any other roofing type, you are able to get on top of your roof with proper instruction, they don’t cause any extreme weather shifts to your indoor home environment, and they are not too expensive.  

Metal roofs are well-worth the investment and a great alternative to traditional roofing shingles.

For more information about the metal roofing options we offer, connect with us today!