Winters in Oswego can get snowy, and Advantex Restoration can help keep you protected!

If you’ve invested in a metal roof and you don’t have a snow retention system, this is one integral roofing component that may serve as a valuable feature during seasons of heavy Oswego snowfall.

Advantex Restoration in Oswego provides the leading metal roof installation, and if we’ve piqued your interest in snow retention systems, learn all about them — and if you need them — in today’s post.

What is a Snow Retention System?

A snow retention system deploys snow guards atop your metal roof to prevent snow from abruptly sliding off. Also known as snow rails or snow stops, these mechanisms better preserve metal roofs and protect your home and other parts of your property from damage.

The overarching purpose of a snow retention system is to hold snow in place until it melts or can safely be evacuated — if heavy snowfall occurs and there are no snow guards in place, it can cause serious and hazardous rooftop avalanches.

Does Every Metal Roof Need Snow Stops?

Not all metal roofs will require a snow retention system, but it never hurts to get a professional opinion. The roofing contractors at Advantex Restoration have experience with the Oswego climate and metal roofs, so we’re more than happy to come out to your property for an evaluation.

In the meantime, here are several factors that can help you determine whether or not a snow retention system is required for your home:

Roof Pitch – The pitch of your roof plays a large role — the steeper the roof slope is, the more likely you’ll need snow stops.

Roof Materials & System – Asphalt shingles are a roofing material that has a good grip when it comes to snow and ice because the granules provide a stickiness for the snow to grab on to. A roof with a moderate slope and asphalt shingles typically does not require snow guards. On the other hand, metal is a smooth, hard surface that makes it almost impossible for snow to grip. As the snow begins to melt, a slick surface is created, and huge sheets of snow and ice are primed to slide. Even lower-pitched metal roofs may want to consider a snow guard, but if you have a steep metal roof, you’ll most likely need snow rails.

Exterior Conditions & Surroundings – At the end of the day, it’s up to the homeowner to make the call for a snow retention system. Consider the following questions, what is impacted if the snow slides off the roof, and does it matter? Homeowners often opt for a snow retention system to protect their exterior — this can be landscaping, cars, gutter systems, entrances, lower level decks, etc. It can also be important in preventing outdoor safety hazards when you have small children or pets playing outside. Otherwise, if the area is free and clear, snow stops can be completely optional.

Avoiding Rooftop Avalanches

Not a lot of people are familiar with rooftop avalanches, but if you have a moment, do a quick internet search of what they look like. Rooftop avalanches can be very dangerous with unyielding effects caused by an extremely heavy blanket of snow sliding off your roof and crushing everything in its path. And while you may think that you’re out of the clear once the sheet is released, that is only the beginning.

The snow piles up below and can cause direct damage to exterior walls. Additionally, the melting pattern may funnel, and instead of being directed towards the yard or street, it could go straight into the foundation or basement window wells.

How A Snow Retention System Functions

Without snow rails, snow and ice on a metal roof accumulates, until one day it decides to release and slide off. A snow retention system runs along the bottom perimeter of your metal roof. It functions by creating a barrier for the snow to sit on, holding it in place. The snow rails sit a couple of inches above the metal roof, so the snow and ice can gradually melt or exit in much smaller pieces.

Protecting Your Metal Roof Investment

A Metal roof is a major home improvement investment, so why not safeguard it? Enhance the integrity and longevity of your metal roof with a snow retention system. Heavy snowfall can stress a metal roof causing premature wear and tear if it’s not properly addressed.

Get all the benefits of a metal roof by adding snow guards!

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