If saving money is enticing to you, an energy-efficient roof is something to consider!

An energy-efficient roof, or cool roof, is a roof that is designed to reflect the sun’s rays to keep a home cooler, thus, promoting energy savings in the warmer summer months. 

The bottom line: You’re saving money on your monthly utilities, reducing environmental impacts,  and preventing your AC from kicking on every five minutes to rescue you from the humid, scorching Oswego temperatures! 

At Advantex Restoration, we are a local roofing company in the Oswego area that supports energy-efficient roofing with our premier metal roofs. Learn more about cool roofs and how you can get an energy-efficient roof for your home today!

Beating The Heat: Energy Efficient Roofing

In the past, it was hard to control the effects of the elements through housing materials. Of course, there was always insulation and different methods to help mitigate extreme temperatures and a traditional asphalt roof is a good option, but perhaps it’s not the best in combating energy savings. 

It’s estimated that one-third of unsought heat comes from your roof, which is why a cool roof and metal roofing are an excellent choice when it comes to energy efficiency — metal roofs are the innovative material we have to better cool our homes and save money!

So, how is a metal roof energy-efficient?

Metal roofs are one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials, if not the most! They reflect the rays from the sun away from your home and offer excellent insulation in the winter to keep your home nice and cozy! 

How does a metal roof differ from an asphalt roof?

An asphalt roof absorbs and holds heat while a metal roof reflects the heat. And, not only is sunlight and heat reflected, in highly-reflective metal roofs (there are a variety coatings) it can re-emit up to 90% of the UV radiation.

Is a metal roof favorable for any Oswego home?

Yes! Metal roofs are arguably the best roofing material for Oswego residents — they can be installed on any home and provide a minimum of 20% energy savings according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  

How much savings will a metal roof get?

While it all depends on your climate, every home will somewhat vary. A great resource to use is an energy-efficiency calculator that provides better guidance and more concrete numbers to help factor in what to expect in energy savings. 

Depending on the metal roof and the myriad of energy-efficient coatings you can implement, an average home saves 20%, with an upwards of 90% in a re-emissive metal roof. 

Once you’ve calculated your energy savings, it’s time to install a new metal roof! Metal roofs are no longer just the bright white or deep red of days past, they come in a variety of colors and roofing styles including slate and tile.

If you’re in Oswego, a metal roof is an ideal choice to combat all the extreme weather Mother Nature can throw — rain and hail, high winds, blizzards, and sizzling temperatures — and, it’s the perfect antithesis to rising energy bills. 

Are you ready to save money and support the environment?

Increase your home’s energy efficiency with a metal roof today!