Metal roofs come with a host of misconceptions, namely their aesthetics, and metal roofing companies are innovating and reinventing the metal roof to something unimaginable!


When homeowners think of metal roofing, typically what comes to mind are the backwoods hillbillies with a tin roof that constantly leaks and echos loud pings every time it rains, old barns that house farm equipment or animals, and industrial buildings where ghost hunting shows are filmed — all are unappealing, so why invest in this type of roof for your home?


Metal roofs in Naperville are so much more than their misguided stereotypes — they’re durable, last a long time, and are great for the extreme weather Naperville residents may face. At Advantex Restoration, we recommend metal roofs for our clients because they beautifully merge function and aesthetic. Dive into metal roofs and what they mean for the modern Naperville homeowner.

Beyond Tin Roofs and Into Metal


What metal roofs once were, is not what they are now — they’ve come a long way from tin and unattractive and blossomed into a coveted, and dependable roofing option.


The quintessential tin roof we think of has never actually been composed of tin, and to really hit home, the roofing industry has never really used a roofing product made solely of pure tin.


Metal roofs, sans tin, have been around for centuries and made an appearance in early Rome adorning buildings and structures made from zinc, lead, and copper. Initial metal roofs were made from heating and hammering metal into thin sheets, and eventually evolved into rolled sheets that could cover more area of a roof more quickly.    


The 1800s is when the U.S. first started using metal for roofs, but because it was expensive it was used for more commercial buildings opposed to residential homes.


As the Civil War ended in America, metal roofs were used more widely in homes, with metal shingles being laid and installed with nails.


Metal roofs continued to gain in popularity as metal producers began to play with the ratios of lead to tin alloys to create a product that was more durable. The industry continued to innovate and metal roofs became a noted choice for combatting extreme weather, longevity, and fire resistance.


The Metal Roof Reinvented


There was a time period when metal roofs were still an amazing and cost-effective choice, however, their aesthetics remained less-than-desired. If you can recall, the metal roofs most people think of were hard to miss — they were either bright, cherry red or Christmas tree green. So, say you lived in the Naperville area on a beautiful waterfront property and wanted a metal roof to help protect your home, red or green were your options, thus the reason why many homeowners opted for a different kind of roofing material! Red or green doesn’t blend well with a white or neutral-colored home!


Metal roofs of today have expanded a great deal, reinventing function and style for businesses and homeowners alike! Not only can you choose the architectural style of your metal roof such as standing seam, corrugated, slate, and even tile — all providing the unwavering benefits of metal.


Combine the style of a metal roof with a vast collection of colors, and you have a fully customizable metal roof that is perfect for every type of home — from an uber modern home to the reimagined rustic-style home.  


Metal roofs from the early 1800s have come a long way and are truly a wise investment for the Naperville community!


We’ve covered a metal roof’s benefits extensively in a previous post, but let’s glance over them once again to refresh our memory!


The Benefits of a Metal Roof For Your Naperville Home


Adaptable and Alluring – Nothing is fixed or outdated when it comes to a metal roof. Homeowners can venture into a roof that provides a vast variety of colors, designs, and textures — metal roofs can mimic all the best including shingles, slate, clay tiles, and cedar shakes.


Durable and energy efficient – A metal roof will last well over 40 to 50 years and its reflective properties help homeowners save on their monthly utility bills up to 40% in a year, depending on the location and geography of the area.


If you’re considering a metal roof, know that they’re a far cry from what they were even 20 years ago! They’re versatile and tough, perfect for the Naperville home!


To learn more about our metal roofing options, reach out today!