Metal roofs are the functional choice for Plainfield residents, but they also have to look good!


You have opted for a metal roof — you’ve made a wise step towards your roofing investment, after all, Plainfield in known for mostly pleasant but sometimes extreme weather patterns. Once you’ve selected the type of metal roof you want, you are left with the final roofing decision — the color!


Advantex Restoration is your resource for metal roofs in the Plainfield area. Metal roofs offer a variety of benefits and look great! If you’re in the last step of choosing the color of your metal roof, take a moment and explore the wonders of metal roofing tones today!

Metal Roofing Color Choices


Metal roofing color aesthetics have come a long way — we’re far beyond the bright green or fire engine red that so easily identified metal roofs of the past.  


The color aesthetics of your metal roof is always a personal choice, but we’re here to guide and offer some considerations when it comes to your Plainfield home.


Architectural Style and Metal Roof Color


Depending on the style of your Plainfield home, you’ll need an accommodating metal roof color. It’s vital to blend the roof color with the other exterior elements of your home including the overall color, windows, and landscape design.


A metal roof is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing types on the market, so it’s also important to realize that this is going to be the roof you have, likely for the duration of the time you live there, so pick with care and thoughtful consideration!


You may also want to survey your neighborhood. What color aesthetics is are your neighbors using. If, for example, you live in a waterfront home in Plainfield with a bright, beachy vibe, a matte black roof may not go over well with the neighborhood!   


This is also the time to check with your HOA and see if there is a specific color family you need to stay within or ask for approval.  


Partner with your local roofing company, and ask for samples that you can compare with the aesthetics of your current home.


Limitless Color Choices For Your Metal Roof


The color options for a metal roof endless, so really, you can choose a color for any desired look.


Metal roofing pro tips:


Go for contrast – When you contrast the color of your home or against the brickwork, this brings your home to the forefront — it is commanding and great for curb appeal. Oppositely, when you implement complementary colors your home becomes more monochromatic and blends with its surroundings.


Modern metal – If you live in more of a modern style home, to make it irresistibly ooze the modern aesthetics, opt for a bare metal roof — metal such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.


Optical illusion – Color is also a great way to play with depth and height in creating an optical illusion. A lighter color metal roof will give it height, and would be a great option for a small or shallow pitched roof. On the other hand, a dark roof can make a large roof seem quaint and not as overpowering.


The Metal Roof Color Schemes


Once you decide the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, the color will only enhance your home’s exterior.


The Neutrals


Bone white, light and dark grey, and light beige all create a neutral aesthetic for your home. Whites pair well with modern and rustic homes, and a grey metal roof looks good on just about any home.


The light tones are also more energy efficient and great for reflecting heat in the hot Plainfield summers.


A neutral-colored metal roof can be quite optimal because it fits within homes and if you want to paint later on down the line, it makes everything more flexible.


If you’re worried that it’s too drab, don’t fret! You can add in glorious pops of color with trim, landscaping and outdoor accessories such as flower pots and patio furniture.




Plainfield has no shortage of waterfront homes, which make a royal blue or slate blue, blend and reflect the element of water — it ties in and honors this vast body.    

The Classics


You can always opt for the metal roof classics, bold red and green, or with slightly more muted variations. These colors pay well with all the greenery in Plainfield and stand to contrast the water element with a more earthy aesthetic.


Metal roofs are an excellent option that goes beyond their longevity, they also look amazing. And even better, there is a metal roof that is perfect for every type of home and the style and exterior aesthetic it exudes.


From Hickory moss to Carribean blue, partner with us today to find a metal roofing color for your Plainfield home!


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