With summer rainstorms approaching, many Plainfield homeowners are left wondering, how noisy are metal roofs?


Metal roofing is revitalizing the roofing industry — going from a plain material option to expanding into aesthetics that rival clay, wood, and tile. Not-to-mention, all the wondrous benefits such as energy savings, durability, and longevity that metal roofs usher. Metal roofs are Plainfield’s roofing choice, but will they sing (or be loudly pelted) in the summer storms?


Are you ready for a new roof? At Advantex Restoration in Plainfield, we have a broad array of roofing options, but for residents in this area, a metal roof is the answer! Learn more about metal roofs and get the definitive answer on whether or not they’re noisy in today’s blog!

But Are Metal Roofs Noisy?   


This is the ever-present debate has been hounding roofers everywhere for quite a long time, and it’s likely the most frequently asked question. And, we get it! A metal roof is an investment and the upfront cost is more than other roofing options, so ending up with a roof that sings, clings, and dings would be a nightmare — you can’t control mother nature after all.


And here we are, in Plainfield’s summer rainstorm season, so you need this question answered quickly and thoroughly before you make your decision!  


But, hold on, pump the brakes — aren’t there some homeowners that want the pitter-patter of soothing rain lulling them to sleep? After all, nothing is more relaxing than hearing mother nature sing, right?!  


Whichever camp you reside, the noise a metal roof may potentially make or break your decision.  


The Sounds of a Metal Roof — The Sound of Silence


If you love the sound of mother nature or you despise the thought of hearing rain during a late evening thunderstorm, the truth of the matter is, a metal roof does not make any more noise than any another roofing material!


When you invest in a well-constructed metal roof, hearing the rain, hail, or any other noise atop your roof won’t happen.


It’s hard to even pinpoint where this myth originated. Sure, you have the idea of a shack with a tin roof that is leaky and noisy, but this is certainly false and far from the metal roofs that are being installed today.


It is easy, however, to understand why homeowners may question if a metal roof is noisy or not. Just think about how rain or hail sounds on your car. It pings and dings, and sometimes feels like it’ll penetrate the metal. So, the same would be true for metal roofs, right?!




When you invest in a quality metal roof and have it installed by metal roofing experts, the silence will be deafening! Let’s explore why mother nature’s sounds will not penetrate.


  • A metal roof will be installed over plywood or even your old asphalt roof
  • Proper insulation and fasteners will be implemented to further reduce noise
  • Many of the new metal roof patterns break up how the rain hits


At the end of the day, if you want to hear beautiful rain sounds, it’s best to open a window!


Now that you know metal roofs aren’t noisy, schedule a roofing estimate with us today!