Roofing And Home Restoration in Bolingbrook.

Choosing a roofer in Bolingbrook can be difficult. With more than 17 page one listings on Google, how do you know which one to choose?

The ONLY clear choice is Advantex Roofing!

    We make choosing a roofing expert an easy decision.

We have the best customer care with crew members who can communicate efficiently and effectively, stellar workmanship, and products and brands that are industry-leading.

This bottom line is this: no other roofing company in Bolingbrook is better at roofing than we are!

We only hire the finest crew members.

Even when you have the cream of the crop in roofing materials, if they’re installed haphazardly, it’s a giant waste on your pocketbook, and you may have to spend even money down the road to get it repaired.

So, it’s safe to say, the person doing the physical labor can make or break the roofing project!

It’s prevalent in our industry for roofing companies to use day laborers. This is not an issue for prepping the work site and cleanup, but when it comes to a roof installation, you need a professional! At Advantex Restoration, we hire only the most skilled and trained roofing technicians to ensure your roof will stand the test of time — and Bolingbrook weather!  

Roofs may not require a doctorate degree, but they are complicated and require a good deal of skill. Just like you want the best heart surgeon doing heart surgery — you want the best roofing contractor installing your roof. A report by the National Roofing Contractors Association With Clemson University states:

“Even though winds in hurricanes Bertha and Fran were well below expected design speeds, shingle damage was widespread and frequently severe, resulting in interior water damage. Field investigations concluded that damage was caused by inadequate workmanship, standards, and design. Some shingles were not installed properly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, often shingles were attached with too few and/or improperly positioned nails.”

Workmanship and experience matter.

For the best in new roof installation and roof repair, work with us! Call today!


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