Exterior Solutions With Advantex Restoration – Gutters

Gutters can easily slide through life without ever being noticed. As long as they are working properly, there isn’t much to think about. Aside from an annual deep cleaning after all the leaves come tumbling down in the fall, your gutters don’t require much maintenance. Keep in mind, that they certainly demand attention every now and then. Your gutters are responsible for directing water away from the foundation of your home, and if they cannot complete their job, your house could suffer extensive water damage.

Gutter repair or installation is necessary to keep your home safe. Advantex Restoration works hard to make sure your property stays safe in all areas — gutters included.

Gutter Installation

When your gutters become damaged beyond repair or have simply grown too old to do their job properly, it’s time to consider your replacement options. Not only do you need quality gutters, you also need ones that align with the overall style of your home. Advantex Restoration offers a variety of materials and styles to keep your home protected with maximum curb appeal:

  • Seamless Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized

Gutter Repair

Not all damages mean you need a whole new system. In fact, we can perform a simple repair to keep your current gutters working correctly. Choosing repairs is a great way to help you save money while still making smart decisions for your home. Advantex Restoration looks forward to repairing your gutters in an effective, timely manner.

Reach out to our team today to get started. Whether you need basic repair or a full installation, we are the company for the job.

What is it?

Bulldog Gutter Guard is an aluminum insert designed to fit securely into your gutter and handle the heaviest of rainstorms.

Bulldog Gutter Guard can be installed in your gutter with any type of roof shingles. It slips easily over the gutter. Unique front and rear attachment system strengthens the entire gutter system and extends the life of your gutters.

How It Works

The patented design of the Bulldog Gutter Guard system
filters rainwater into the gutter system while leaves and debris
are blown away. The gutter system is now a free-flowing,
roof drainage system working at full capacity keeping you
from the danger and hassle of cleaning clogged gutters.

  • Made from 98% recycled aluminum
  • Patented ribbed-design encourages airflow to lift debris off with a gentle breeze
  • Available in white and dark bronze
  • Available for 5”, 6” or 7” gutters

The Bulldog Guarantee When properly installed, you will never have a gutter or downspout clog again…EVER! We’re so confident in the performance of our system, we guarantee your gutter will remain clog-free for 25 years.