A house is truly your own when you customize it to meet your needs through home restoration and home repairs. As much as we would love to move into a home that meets every one of our requirements, this isn’t always an option — however, remodeling certainly is. With Advantex Restoration, we take your vision for your home’s remodel project and turn it into reality. Whether it’s time to give yourself a kitchen that could rival a cooking show or a bathroom bigger than your walk-in closet, we are the team to call.

We would be happy to assist you with the following in interior restoration:

  • Design and Build — We’ll lay out the plan and execute it for you.
  • Additions — Expand your living space and increase your property value.
  • Remodeling — Turn your problem room into your favorite space in the house with renovations.
  • Restorations — Recapture and renew the features of your home that make it your favorite place to be.

At Advantex Restoration, we believe in carrying our clients from concept to completion. Once you have an idea of how your home could better meet your needs, it’s time to give our team a call. We’ll take your idea and turn it into plans. Those plans turn into actions, and those actions result in an incredible transformation.

Boost your property value and fall in love with your home all over again. Reach out to Advantex Restoration now to get started. We look forward to turning your house into your dream home.

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