When To Invest in New Home Siding
Explore the telling signs of outdated siding!

If you’re in an older home in a mature Oswego neighborhood — we’re looking at you Churchill Club and Old Reserve Hills! — the exterior of your home has seen its share of inclement weather and wear and tear.

While the exterior of your home has done its job by keeping your most important investment safe, there comes a day when your home siding needs to be replaced.

Advantex Restoration does home siding! Now is the time to get a jump start on your exterior projects. Learn more about how to tell if your home needs new siding in today’s post.

When Spring Cleaning Just Isn’t Enough…

The winter in Oswego experiences a good amount of snow, and when the weather gets warmer and spring approaches, the exterior of your home can look dirty as everything melts. Typically, a good power wash brings your siding back to life, but if it’s old, cleaning your siding just isn’t enough.

Not only can the appearance of your siding look worn and dull, but over time, the insulation begins to break down, and your home’s energy efficiency can plummet. What do you need to watch out for? Let’s dive in below.

Dull and Faded Siding

Siding can only hold its color for so long until it begins to age and succumb to the elements — harsh UV rays, rain, wind, and snow impact its longevity. If your siding is looking a little drab, this is a sign that it might need to be replaced.

Damaged Siding

From cracks to rotting and warped siding, if it has more than a few pieces that need to be replaced, your home may require all new siding. It’s always important to check and see what’s going on beneath your siding. If it’s solid, it may still have some life left, but anything soft could mean moisture damage.

Mold Growth

Oswego is the perfect climate for mold growth — humid and warm summers! Couple those conditions with the dark layer behind the siding, and you have an area where mold can spore. If you notice something growing, not only can it indicate mold, but you might have a water issue that needs attention.

Increased Upkeep

One of the many benefits of siding is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. With that said, if you notice that you’re constantly having to wash it off or repaint it, it may be time to freshen up your exterior with new siding to keep the maintenance at bay.

Higher Utility Bills

When siding does its job, it supports your home’s energy efficiency. If you’ve been noticing higher heating or cooling bills, outdated siding may be the culprit. Always investigate any other potential sources, but at the end of the day, new siding will only help the energy efficiency of your Oswego home.

Moisture on the Interior

If you notice that the interior of your home has any blistering or peeling paint, it could be a result of moisture. When moisture is penetrating into your home, it may raise the red flag that your siding is not doing its job.

Siding is designed to keep water out, and if the waterproofing has run its course, then new siding is past due!

Ready For New Siding?

If any of the signs above describe your home, let’s get it taken care of with new siding. At Advantex Restoration, we carry a wide variety of siding materials — vinyl, wood, cement, composite, etc. — styles, and colors that fit perfectly with your design style.

Don’t wait and schedule new home siding with Advantex Restoration today!